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These sets of actions include sending emails, creating tasks, and updating a field in the records with a specified value.You may have a set of actions that you perform on a daily basis or frequently to some records.

Macros enabling and updating Eavesdrop into sex chat

So what I would like to do is a VBA code to refresh one slide only (in slideshow mode) every 5 seconds with the data that is in the Macro enabled worksheet object. As the solution isn't a couple of lines of VBA but a module, a classes, several procedures, Windows API declarations and Ribbon XML code I haven't developed a complete solution for free in response to this directional answer.

The workbooks are linked to equivalent files in a folder on our Windows server, so when the matching file is deleted from that folder (which happens as part of our business flow), the link breaks. Ask To Update Links = True Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the solution, and especially OP who raised the question.

Macros can also be accessed directly from the reply field by typing ## followed by the first few letters of the macro name.

A dynamic set of your macros will be presented, allowing you to select the appropriate macro on the fly—without ever leaving reply field!

If i right click the object, I have the option to open the Macro enabled object, when opening the object, excel opens the linked file as "worksheet in blahblah.pptx" and because there is a macro in the excel file to refresh data every five seconds, the Power Point slide updates also.