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So we sat outside, pulling our sweater sleeves down against the January damp. The 35-year-old recording artist, better known by his nickname, M.

He's a gifted guitarist known for his fleet finger-picking and loose, improvisational style; a singer who has developed a distinctive, creamy croon sprinkled with sugary grit; a lover of the American songbook spanning country, classic pop and blues, who doesn't rest in any of those avenues. I've been very lucky in that I haven't had to create a five-year plan.— "We don't use the word 'grande' here," said the barista at Albina Press, one of the latte-obsessed Pacific Northwest's many shrines to the perfectly pulled cup."That's a proprietary term of the Starbucks company. " While I tried to sweet-talk my way out of a bitter drink, Matt Ward, who'd suggested we meet here, scanned the coffeehouse for a table.Every spot in the large, airy room was taken by someone hunched over a laptop or a book.This cross section of students, unidentified "creatives" and home-office refugees would not tolerate the noise of a journalist quizzing a musician.His seventh solo studio album, "Hold Time," comes out Tuesday on Merge Records. It's evolved." Since releasing his first album on Giant Sand bandleader Howe Gelb's tiny label 10 years ago, Ward, who was born in Ventura County and moved to Portland after college, has kept walking through those open doors.

It's a high point in a consistently thought-provoking career, comparable to Joe Henry's "Trampoline" or John Prine's "Bruised Orange." "I love the idea that I planned my career. "It started out by getting invitations from artists that I really love and respect, to share a stage. His career is a model of sustainability and slow growth in the midst of the music industry's widely heralded collapse.

A notable producer and frequent guest on others' albums, he recently gained a new level of notoriety after collaborating (beautifully, by the way) with actress Zooey Deschanel in the duo She & Him.

The crash of the corporate pop business has, in a way, helped make careers like Ward's possible.

No longer even slightly tempted to strive for the kind of stardom major labels once supported, Ward and his friends -- including Jenny Lewis (whose solo debut, "Rabbit Fur Coat," he produced), Conor Oberst, Neko Case and Jim James of My Morning Jacket -- are making indie rock into an artisanal affair.

A commitment to craft and an earnest but uncowed attitude toward history aligns them with post-baby boomer bohemians working in many other avenues: small-batch coffee roasters, letterpress printers, designers remaking vintage clothes in eco-friendly fabrics.

Patchwork songs Ward similarly redesigns old patterns in his songs.

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