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His profession is listed as “athlete.” But “he should have put ‘sex idiot,’ ” suggested a source in reference to Lochte’s self-deprecating 2012 cameo on “30 Rock.” A rep confirmed that the dating profiles for the swimming stud are legit.

Ryan Lochte, swimming freakazoid and 11-time Olympic medalist, this week begins the second phase of his quest to Rio, where, at the relatively seasoned age of 31, he will compete against waves of twentysomethings as they look to lock up spots on the U. Are we going to bring back the "jeah, jeah, jeah" and all that? What is it like to go through this process now as a known quantity, as opposed to four years ago when you were young hot shot? ] It's just more and more people know who I am, and more and more people are more eager to come up to me and take a picture. I would say it was an exaggerated version of myself. So I might definitely have to get a new pair of grills.

We never thought we’d be saying this (or be so happy about it), but has made it on TMZ!

The celebrity news site featured thanks to our new partnership with 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte.

(On Sunday he finished third in the 400-meter individual medley, and thus won't be able to defend the gold he won in London.) A few weeks ago, I sat down with Lochte to talk about training, dating, what it's like to no longer be the new kid on the block, and that one somewhat questionable catchphrase... Now that I'm more mature, it's time to focus more on the swimming part and less on the outside part. But now you feel like you're getting back to where you thought they'd be? During the day, unless it's my buddies wanting to go out to lunch or something, I mean I'll do that, but otherwise I just want to rest before my afternoon practice. What was that like and did you feel like your public persona was an accurate version of yourself?

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