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An option «Update PDF» will be useful then, as it updates your publication without changing URL.Here is how you do it: Updating might take some time depending on the size of your PDF file and the speed of your internet connection.Your publication stays available online with the same URL during the whole process.It is very convenient as your clients will have access to your publication without interruption.Many PDFs that begin their lives in Adobe In Design are later sent to Acrobat, where they are given calculated fields, buttons, bookmarks, and other special features.If, at some point in the document’s life cycle, you need to update the text, an image, or another design element in In Design—do you have to rebuild the document in Acrobat all over again? Anne-Marie Concepciòn introduces a little known Acrobat command called Replace, which allows you to refresh the design layer without messing with the interactive features.

Learn how this trick works in this week’s free video.

After you have created your Flipping Book Online publication you might need to update it later.

You will receive an email notification when update is finished for your convenience.

Publication can be updated as many times as you need.

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    Printed in Canada 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 13 12 11 10 09 FROM DAVID: TO JEFF, KRISTEN, AND AMY FROM HANK: TO THE GREAT MENTORS I HAVE HAD, FOR THEIR FRIENDSHIP AND GUIDANCE: HENRY F. BRIEF CONTENTS PART I I I PROCESSING THE ACCUSED CHAPTER 10 ARREST TO ARRAIGNMENT 234 CHAPTER 11 BAIL 258 CHAPTER 12 DISCLOSING AND SUPPRESSING EVIDENCE 278 CHAPTER 13 NEGOTIATED JUSTICE AND THE PLEA OF GUILTY 312 CHAPTER 14 TRIALS AND JURIES 334 PART IV SENTENCING THE CONVICTED CHAPTER 15 SENTENCING OPTIONS 370 CHAPTER 16 SENTENCING DECISIONS 406 PART V APPELLATE, LOWER, AND JUVENILE COURTS CHAPTER 17 APPELLATE COURTS 440 CHAPTER 18 THE LOWER COURTS 472 CHAPTER 19 JUVENILE COURTS 496 CHAPTER 1 COURTS, CRIME, AND CONTROVERSY 2 PART I THE LEGAL SYSTEM CHAPTER 2 LAW AND CRIME 26 CHAPTER 3 FEDERAL COURTS 56 CHAPTER 4 STATE COURTS 92 PART I I LEGAL ACTORS CHAPTER 5 THE DYNAMICS OF COURTHOUSE JUSTICE 114 CHAPTER 6 PROSECUTORS 136 CHAPTER 7 DEFENSE ATTORNEYS 160 CHAPTER 8 JUDGES 184 CHAPTER 9 DEFENDANTS AND VICTIMS 208 CONTENTS Preface xxi Chapter 1 Courts, Crime, and Controversy 2 Courts and Crime 4 LAW AND POPULAR CULTURE: OVERVIEW 5 The Courts and the Criminal Justice System 7 An Interdependent Criminal Justice System 7 A Fragmented Criminal Justice Nonsystem 8 Tensions and Confl icts 9 Finding the Courthouse 9 Identifying the Actors in the Courthouse 10 Prosecutors 12 Defense Attorneys 12 Judges 12 Defendants and Their Victims 12 Following the Steps of the Process 12 Crime 14 Arrest 14 Initial Appearance 14 Bail 14 Preliminary Hearing 14 Charging Decision 15 Grand Jury 15 Arraignment 15 Evidence 15 Plea Negotiations 15 Trial 15 Sentencing 16 Appeal 16 Law on the Books 16 Law in Action 16 CASE CLOSE-UP: OVERVIEW 17 COURTS AND CONTROVERSY: OVERVIEW 18 Courts and Controversy 19 Crime Control Model 20 Due Process Model 21 Conclusion 21 Chapter Review 22 PART I THE LEGAL SYSTEM Chapter 2 Law and Crime 26 The Basis of Law 28 The Common Law Heritage 29 Judge-Made Law 29 Precedent 29 Multiple Sources of Law 31 The Adversary System 32 Safeguards 32 Presumptions and Inferences 33 Burdens of Proof 33 CASE CLOSE-UP: CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF CELEBRITIES 35 The Rights of the Accused 36 Due Process 38 Bill of Rights 38 Civil Law 38 Basis for Filing a Civil Suit 38 Remedies 41 Using Civil Remedies to Fight Crime 42 Civil Liability of Criminal Justice Offi cials 42 COURTS, CONTROVERSY, AND REDUCING CRIME: SHOULD ASSET FORFEITURE BE LIMITED? 189 Judges within the Courtroom Work Group 190 Varying Roads to a Judgeship 190 Executive Appointments 192 Election of Judges 193 Merit Selection 193 Prosecution in Federal Court 142 Solicitor General 142 Criminal Division of the Justice Department 143 U. Attorneys 143 Prosecution in State Courts 144 State Attorney General 144 Chief Prosecutor 144 Local Prosecutor 146 The Prosecutor’s Offi ce at Work 147 Assistant District Attorneys 147 Learning the Job 147 Promotions and Offi ce Structure 148 Supervision 148 Attempts at Greater Supervision 149 Prosecutorial Ethics 149 Prosecutors and Courtroom Work Groups 151 Confl icting Goals and Contrasting Work Groups 151 Political Styles and Contrasting Work Groups 152 LAW AND POPULAR CULTURE: THE ACCUSED (1988) 153 The Expanding Domain of the Prosecutor 154 Improving Police–Prosecutor Relationships 154 Community Prosecution 154 COURTS, CONTROVERSY, AND GENDER EQUITY: ARE SEXUAL ASSAULTS AGAINST WOMEN UNDERPROSECUTED?

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