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The Kate Gosselin-led Team Infinity won the day, their only critique from the judges a lack of diversity in the potential customer base.

"There's a difference from utilizing your task and the need to be heard and the need to be right, and that's all Geraldo cared about from the start here," Kevin said.But Geraldo complained about he was sidelined from the production when he has one of the most recognizable voices in America.And then Kevin made a tactical error, choosing to bring back into the boardroom his ally Ian along with Geraldo.Trump told him he should have brought back Lorenzo, who directed the spot, and then criticized Ian, who continued to support to Kevin, for "playing right into his hands." Ian got a little testy: "I didn't have a choice being here." Trump told him he should have gone on the offensive against Kevin, and Ian pointed out that he would have had to fabricate complaints about his project manager.Trump doesn't say that's what he should have done ...but Trump clearly thinks that what he should have done.

Still, he decides to fire Kevin: "He tried to outthink me, and nobody outthinks me.

Nobody." So yet another example of one's performance on the actual task paling in comparison to boardroom games.

How did Geraldo Rivera convince the rest of the "Celebrity Apprentice" cast that he's the Teflon man after a single episode — one that Geraldo's team won, so it's not as if he had to fight his way back to boardroom redemption?

Geraldo proved himself rather overbearing and insufferable, yes, in Sunday night's premiere, but the way the women on Team Infinity reacted to Team Vortex project manager Kevin Jonas' decision to bring Geraldo back before Donald Trump, you'd think Kevin was taking on Godzilla instead of an aggressively mustachioed septuagenarian with an ego matched only by ... (Geraldo does get points from me for referring to Kevin's inner circle of Ian Ziering and Lorenzo Lamas as the musician's "brain trust" — while maintaining a straight face.) The first challenge of the evening was to create a commercial promoting Neat Connect, a Wi Fi scanner, and the company's Neat Cloud service.

As in Sunday night's episode, Geraldo clashed with Kevin, steamrolling over Kevin's concerns — as it turned out later, quite reasonable concerns — about Geraldo's script.

The commercial, starring Gilbert Gottfried and making use of most of the other team members, was entertaining, but the judges said it didn't go far enough to promote the cloud service.

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