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I'll offer my own extensive dating experiences and the real life dating experiences of the thousands of readers who comment on my articles instead. Follow my Twitter feed and Face Book page to be the first to know when new things appear on this site.My goal is to encourage boomer daters and I hope readers will share their dating experiences. Also, visit my website to find out more information about work, my books, and the counseling service I offer for men.While women universally agreed with the article's premise, men mostly disagreed and listed fear-based reasons for rejecting emotional honesty with women.

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Suggesting to your boomer date, “Let’s go back to my place and make love,” after knowing him or her for an hour or less, isn’t just crazy, it’s potentially dangerous.

And while free love may be reminiscent of the 1960s, it’s totally unacceptable behavior today.

It’s a memorable moment that couples remember for years.

While most people enjoy a pleasant surprise, no one enjoys feeling ambushed.

His passion is helping Stitch members enjoy their best possible online dating experience.