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But he tells me you are also disposed to the study of the law.This therefore brings it more within my power to serve you.

All that is necessary for a student is access to a library, and directions in what order the books are to be read. Should there be any little intervals in the day not otherwise occupied fill them up by reading Lowthe’s grammar, Blair’s lectures on rhetoric, Mason on poetic and prosaic numbers, Bolingbroke’s works for the sake of the stile, which is declamatory and elegant, the English poets for the sake of style also. Peter Carr in Goochland is engaged in a course of law reading, and has my books for that purpose, it will be necessary for you to go by Mrs.

This I will take the liberty of suggesting to you, observing previously that as other branches of science, and especially history, are necessary to form a lawyer, these must be carried on together. Carr’s, and to receive such as he shall be then done with, and settle with him a plan of receiving from him regular[ly] the beforementioned books as fast as he shall be got through them.

It will be necessary for you in that case to go and live somewhere in my neighborhood in Albemarle. Lewis near Charlottesville will shew you what I have supposed could be best done for you there.

It is a general practice to study the law in the office of some lawyer.

My main areas of research are in the fields of hate crime, policing, rural racism, the far-right, community and identity, and victimisation.