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" he asked, "Yes, that's why you're looking or yes, she's going to be here? I'd been hoping that my coach wouldn't notice my hesitation, but, of course, he picked up on it immediately. " I sidestepped that question and continued, "I invited her to come and she seemed like she was okay with it, but she's never come to a game like this before and I'm worried that she might've seen this crowd and left." "Is your girl a coward? "No, she's one of the bravest people I've ever met," I replied. Piper didn't take crap from anyone - no matter how 'popular' they were. Muttering, I added, "At least I hope so." "Yes what? Does she realize she's dating the of her school's football team?

Go ahead and check out the pictures below -- so hot! Scroll down and check out her slim body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. Chapter 5: Piper Today has been a giant bowl of suck.Wake-up, take a beating, get Justin freaking Cameron for a lab partner, take another beating, and now somehow I'm riding in a Ferrari on my way to pick up my little sister from school.And, oh by the way, Justin freaking Cameron is the one driving the Ferrari.I told Sadie she could ride with us." "It's okay, I-I can just w-wait," Sadie stammered. " "Ugh, Maddie Swanson," I made a face and Sadie laughed, "Let's talk about something less gross now." "Are you dating Justin? Like a movie star." "Yes," I teased, "And just like the movie stars, he's way too old for you." "He's only seven years older! "Why don't you try looking for someone your own age," I suggested with a smile, "Like Leo over there." "L-Leo? " she stuttered, "I don't like Leo." "Oh really?

Chapter 10 - Justin I scanned the bleachers for the tenth time. The game was going to start in five minutes and I hadn't seen her once. If Piper was scared of anything, she did a good job of hiding it. Her hair was pulled into a low side-ponytail and she wore a worn-out pair of black jeans and a red henley. Her brown eyes locked with mine and my breath caught in my throat. Ugh, I shouldn't be thinking like that, but somehow I couldn't help myself.

"Okay, son," Coach said, closing the playbook, "What's really going on? I remember how she told me off the day we met and smiled to myself. So check the stands one more time - I'll even let you check your cellphone - then I need you to get your head out of your ass and into the game." Chuckling, I did what he said. Liv sent me a message that said: I glanced over at the spot that Liv and Lindsey usually sat. Piper looked a little uncomfortable, almost like she was trying to shrink in on herself.

Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever been so glad to see my sister's middle school. I got out of the car and she squeezed me in an anaconda-like hug.

Especially after how I'd flipped out on him like an irrational bitch. When we pulled into the parking lot, Justin was looking over at me like he wanted to say something else, but I refused to meet his eyes. "Hey, kiddo," Justin said, ruffling his little brother's hair. "No, it's fine," Justin laughed, making my sister blush even harder, "Especially since your sister's already riding with me." "Really? "Hey, Sades," I giggled when she finally let go, "I got into some trouble with some girls at school so I had to hitch a ride with my..." I paused, uncertain of what I should call Justin, "friend, Justin." "That's cool," she replied, her hazel eyes twinkling, "How many girls did you take on this time?

I looked past him out his window and spotted Sadie running over, hand-in-hand with a brunette boy. When Justin stepped out of the car, I almost face-palmed. I saw the love and admiration in Leo's eyes and felt my heart melt. " Sadie gasped, she peered around him and spotted me sitting in the passenger seat. " "Only three," I answered, "But they got me at a bad time." "Drat," she pouted.

But then I reminded myself that I used to look at my father like that and my heart turned back to stone. " "This is my friend, Sadie," Leo answered eagerly, "Her sister picks her up everyday, but she's late. She grazed her hand over the scratches on my cheek and I winced, "Which one of them did this? "Justin is not gross," she squeaked, a hint of her earlier blush returning to her cheeks, "He's really, really cute.

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    She took off the last of her clothes and pulled me closer, kissing me and tightening her embrace. She’d been delightful and I’d enjoyed her company the whole evening but seriously, what had I been doing in bed with a 24-year-old from Tinder?

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