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which both of them denied but the tabloids exposed by publishing stories with crafty rhetorical titles like “Is Jennifer Aniston Dating Jason Sudeikis? ) More recently, he’s been canoodling with s Betty Draper (nee January Jones), a woman who explained the intricacies of sexual politics to her daughter with “You don’t kiss boys.Boys kiss you.” When she’s not on TV, she’s an actress who met Sudeikis at when she was a (widely-maligned) host and he was (and still is) a regular cast member.

Watch their duet again and tell me you don’t see Sudeikis falling a little deeper in love every time she rattles the furniture with an air biscuit. Is he really that handsome and charming and effortlessly debonair? It seemed funny to me, but I may be going to the wrong bars. It’d be hilarious, though, if I had something like what that guy had tattooed on his stomach in Did you read that book?If you’re a reasonably intelligent person, you’re likely wondering why it matters at all who Jason Sudeikis is dating. But that hasn’t stopped his sex life from becoming tabloid fodder for most of the summer. There are certainly exceptions, but for the most part we aren’t interested in speculating about whom our comics are diddling. Or are we, as a nation, more aroused by guys with mustaches than we’re willing to admit? Isn’t full frontal a requirement for male comic actors these days? But I guess there have been a lot of funny male nude scenes. Are you not comfortable being naked, or do you just not think it’s funny? There are a lot of people who are very funny when they do it, but it’s just never been my thing. I forget what his tattoo said, but it was something awful like “I’m a pig and a rapist.” But, come on, how bad can that be, really?You could read every gossip site on the Internet and you’ll never find a story that asks, “Which hottie from Grey’s Anatomy is Louis C. When I called Sudeikis to talk about —the new Drew Barrymore/Justin Long romantic comedy that I’d be avoiding altogether if not for Sudeikis’s sidekick role—I was fully prepared to be seduced. But it was all cleared up once I talked to Nanette and showed her what I was working with. You have a brilliant speech in the movie justifying your mustache, claiming that older ladies are drawn to it because it reminds them of their sexual awakening. Jason Segel in I don’t think the Keitel one was meant as comedy. I think I did it only once, at the end of But then it wasn’t just me, it was like fifty other dudes. You know how there’s always that guy at the party who gets naked and jumps in a pool? I mean yeah, he has that tattoo for the rest of his life, but all he has to do is add "JKLOL" at the bottom and everybody will think it was just a joke. I was hoping for shades of Floyd De Barber, the Liz Lemon boyfriend he played with such aplomb on (and, as previously mentioned, the role that won him the non-naked affections of January Jones.) He peppers his sentences with words like “dang” and “swell” and “neat,” and it never seems insincere or ironic. The folks at New Line had heard about it, and I guess they got the wrong idea. I drew the correlation to Martin Starr’s beard in I knew it’d get used in the movie somehow. If I’m remembering correctly, the exact line is "This isn’t a mustache. That’s the scene where you and your guy friends get naked and listen to Roberta Flack instead of going to church? I guess sometimes you’ve got to break your own rules. "Oh look, Dave’s naked again." I’ve never done that move. There’s a new season of beginning on September 25th, and I think I speak for everybody who still watches the show when I say, "Can we please have more scenes with Jason Sudeikis breakdancing? He’s the kind of person that, after talking with him for just ten minutes, you wouldn’t think twice about volunteering to help him carry a couch down six flights. No wonder Jennifer Aniston lets him undress her (allegedly! She had to see the mustache and take photographs of it. It’s a time machine." Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that. ” I may ask them to put it in the opening credits, so I don’t have to keep digging through old episodes of to find new moves. We have the same understanding and respect for the brown liquors. That entire scene was literally written in fifteen minutes the morning before we shot it. There were personal politics involved there as well. It was really interesting getting to know people for the first time when I had the mustache. I didn’t even notice.” That’s what having a mustache is like. Are you telling me you have no formal dance training?

Did older women treat you differently because of the ‘stache? I don’t have any specific stories about it, like Helen Mirren hitting on me or anything. Jennifer Aniston only knew me with a mustache, so when I saw her again after I shaved it, like a month or so later at a screening, it was surreal. My dad had a mustache when I was growing up, and I can still remember when he shaved it, he looked like a completely different person. It’s the first thing everybody sees, and nobody talks about it. Everybody notices it, but nobody wants to comment on it. Growing up, my sisters were both into dancing, so I went to a lot of dance recitals, mostly because there were always pretty girls in leotards. Most of my moves are from the early 90s, like the Long before “What Up With That,” we did this scene called “The Hip-Hop Kids,” when Justin Timberlake hosted for the second time. With our two casts, you could substitute the word “drinking”.

I’ve always felt that a mustache is like cleavage on a face. It’s like when you’re trying to point out a gal with big boobs, but you don’t want to come out and say "she’s the girl with big boobs." Or it’s that funny thing people sometimes do now, when they’re trying to describe an African American person and they refuse to mention that he’s black. You’re working on right now with Aniston and Jason Bateman. There must be some nudity, but I don’t know who it is. I also listened to a lot of rap and hip-hop and watched one too many times. I did this move where I’m doing the wave with my hands but my fingers aren’t connected. I was just talking with somebody about this the other day. It was probably a step in the stages of grief, the grief being my disillusionment with sketch comedy. We both went through the same career and personal changes at more or less the same time.

Word is that it’s going to be rated R, and it’s a hard R. That stuff has been in my DNA for well for 20 years now. If I asked you to do the Coffee Grinder or the Turtle Freeze, would you know what I’m talking about? I remember Justin coming up to me afterwards and saying, “That was awesome! That’s like Muhammad Ali coming up to you after a bar fight and saying, “Hey that was a good punch. This was almost ten years ago, when I was living in Las Vegas and doing shows at the Second City.

That looked like it really hurt.” I’ve heard stories that before you were hired by , you were toying with joining the Blue Man Group. We became pals with the guys who did Blue Man at the Luxor, and a lot of them took classes with us at Second City.

I just loved their show and thought it was so funny. January plays Betty Draper on who’d want to be the meat in a John Slattery/Christina Hendricks sandwich.

But wouldn’t that mean giving up on a comedy career? Nobody says, “That one there, the bald blue one, he’s my favorite.” Yeah, but that was exactly why I liked it. It’s crazy, I remember blowing my nose a week later and still finding that blue stuff in my nasal cavity. There were 12 of us auditioning, and they put us up in this apartment in the East Village.

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