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var player Instance = jwplayer("aish-video"); player Instance.setup({ file: " Abdul Is Keeping It Together.mp4", height: (385 - 26), width: 640, title: "Paula Abdul is Keeping Shabbat", description: "Discover why she is part of the upcoming worldwide Shabbat Project.", image: ' Preview-generic-500x376.jpg', sharing: { link: " } }); She is an Arabian Jew. Immigration on a larger scale (from Palestine and also from Mesoptamia-modern day Iraq, etc.) does not appear to have preceded the 2nd cent. Inscriptions discovered in the Bet Shearim catacombs evidence the existence of Jewish communities in Yemen in the early 3rd cent., and Byzantine sources testify to them from the 4th cent. The settlement of Jews in this region back to biblical times and even to the era of the First Temple.

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A few years ago I decided I wanted to be a bit more observant (my family was Jewish but NO one practiced anything or admitted they were Jewish) I read on AISH that one could start by observing one commandment.The blessing: "barooch atuh Adonai Elohainu melech ha-olam Asher ki-dee-shanoo bi-mitz-vo-sav vi-tzee-vanoo li-Hadleek nair shel Shabbos.4. And the whole point of the Shabbos Project is that ALL - including the Paula Abduls of this world - no matter at what level they are holding, simply celebrate a shabbos with all it's halachos, brochos and nachos! Please don't create negativity around such an amazing mizvah! Love to keep Shabboth, but how....there's no Temple close to me....Take a sigh of relief--Shabbos and inner peace have just begun! How about the gedolim who have given their hearty haskama for the project? I have always served Ha Shem, BT have always found it difficult yo find a congregation close yo home...story.Great opportunity but this is not appropriate- Paul Abdul is not a poster child for the Jewish people. Missing the sense of family I kept Shabbat even though I was the only Jew is town.However; on the 24th and 25 I will try to observe Sabbat properly. I will say the blessing on the candles in Hebrew - bad Hebrew I am sure but I will try.if you would like to learn in person or on the phone with a partner, there are many organizations that can set you up with someone. I am sure you can look up the blessing in an Artscroll or other prayer book, but I thought I would share how I light candles if it would make things easier for you:1. Is the male poster child wearing a streimel or a kippa srugah or a black hat?

Its really special and inspiring to see how much you are learning and growing! Light 2 candles or 2 in addition to the number of children you have (if you have children)2. Is the female poster child wearing a sheitel or a scarf? I do not know Paula's level of observance, but I can tell that she is respectful of her religion, appreciates her heritage, and connects with G-d.

Traditionally women wave their hands in a circular motion 3 times and then cover their eyes while reciting the blessing (you can see the motion in this You Tube video Don't worry, you can 'cheat' and look at the blessing until you learn it by heart.3. If she can inspire others to enjoy the beauty of Shabbat, kol hakavod to her. If you listen, but really LISTEN to the words Paula Abdul uses to describe shabbos and The Shabbos Project, then you'll know that it how all us frummas celebrate Shabbos.

I started setting the table nicely on Friday and lighting candles.

I did not want my husband to feel I was pushing him to be more observant.

After a few months he said I should learn to recite the blessing for the candles in Hebrew.

That will be my next step - I will search the AISH site on how to say the blessing.

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