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This seems to be the consensus, I suggest you guys ask for a vote on size and format and do what people want the most. the regular BT user may download a movie of that size every now and then..typical size for a show of that length that you download on a daily basis, is about half of that.

consider the releases of jon stewart's daily show - the torrents come at 170MB for a 25min show. you could even consider posting a 700MB and an 200-300MB torrent - the traffic you've got now wouldn't devide up between the two, you would gain a lot of peers that can't afford the 700MB download but still prefer to the webstream a file they can store and share ...

Hey come on guys 700MB for 1hour is way too much for anyone to download every day!

Please consider compressing it to around 250MB which would be an ideal size for torrents... only the absolute broadband-elite can afford a daily download of 700MB.

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