Indonesian dating scams

In , our researchers painted a picture of a foreseeable future where attack tactics heavily rely on mastering the psychology of an attack rather than focusing on its technical merits. An unknowing victim may be lured into an engaging conversation with a character that was specifically developed to match the target's likes and interests.Once the bait is taken, the conversations will move into a particular networking site where the illusion of growing intimacy is formed. The victims will be sent a link to a website where they'll discover that their conversations, contact information, and photos have been posted, and that they've been flagged as "cheaters".Internet "love," "romance," and "dating" scams have been around for quite some time, and as some recent stories show, they're still going strong.

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Last year, the National Consumers League noted that they received at least 80 complaints from online users who have been victimized by romance scams.

With just a few days left before Valentine’s Day, here are some of the most common online scams that use romance as a hook.

” In a time of dating websites, video calls, and free dating apps, the link between romance and cybercrime has now become apparent as ever.

Cliché or not, it's true that love is indeed a powerful force.

[Read: 8 Valentine's Day threats] Such is the case with people who have unknowingly allowed themselves to play accomplice to a cybercriminal act—with them usually coming out as the victims.