Howie day and britney spears dating

Spears is planning to go public with her latest romance this summer when she takes Day, who is still in rehab, to her cousin Erin`s wedding.

The couple met at Malibu, California`s Promises rehab.

Tony Barretto recently filed a declaration detailing his former employer's drug and alcohol use in the child custody case between Spears and her former husband, Kevin Federline.

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Back in the mid-2000s, Howie Day achieved pop stardom, and along with it, some notoriety.

In 2004, he had a Top 20 radio hit with his song "Collide," which was ubiquitous—it was also heard on TV shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "Scrubs," and "Ghost Whisperer." But over the next couple of years, he had a few legal dust-ups, once for reportedly locking a woman in the bathroom of his tour bus and smashing the cell phone of another, because he allegedly made a sexual advance and they refused.

So, we'll do record some things in a recording studio, and some in my home studio." Day says that this time out, he's aiming for "a cool homespun vibe, and less of that 'shove-it-down-your-throat-pop' sound." Day began his career as a solo performer, with just an acoustic guitar, but he later made a name for himself by using delay pedals and tape loops to create a bigger, quirky sound that approximated the sound of a full band.

After he scored a hit with "Collide," the record company quickly put together a touring band for him, and he began playing bigger venues But there was some backlash from his older fans who preferred his solo presentation.

Still, Brit's mama, Lynne Spears, isn't so stoked about Brit's new man because of his troubled past. In other Britney news, she stepped out in Beverly Hills last night to help little sister Jamie Lynn Spears ring in her 16th birthday.