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D., founder of Body Electric David Steinberg is the editor of Erotic by Nature: A Celebration of Life, of Love, and of Our Wonderful Bodies and The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self, as well as other titles. His pieces have appeared in The New York Times, the Village Voice, Artforum, and many other publications. Include applicable sales tax, and per book for shipping ( for priority mail).

He writes "Comes Naturally," a monthly commentary on the culture and politics of sex, and has photographed dozens of sexually active adults. In 1998, American Photo named Coleman one of the "100 most important people in photography." 128 pages - 9" x 12" - 115 duotone photographs Paperbound, - ISBN 0-940208-32-6 Clothbound, - ISBN 0-940208-33-4 PHOTO SEX is available through your local bookstore, from Down There Press ([email protected]), and at [If you would like to receive Comes Naturally columns and other writing by David Steinberg regularly via email, send your name and email address to David at [email protected]

Autographed copies are available from David Steinberg at: David Steinberg P. There is no cost and your name and email address will remain strictly confidential.] Think of this book as both an announcement and an invitation.

It is an announcement that sex has come to be recognized by growing numbers of skilled and thoughtful photographers as an aspect of life fully deserving the attention and nuanced perspectives of fine art.

A breakthrough testament to a supremely collaborative, supremely liberating art form, well-balanced between sex with toys, roles, and rituals and the simple joys of physical intimacy....

Photo Sex takes a giant step toward creating the kind of world where sex and art stand side by side." -- Gary Meyer, Clean Sheets "Photo Sex is an inspiring collection of collaborations between photographers and lovers who convey the essence of what makes them feel sexually alive. "" -- Susie Bright "A terrific compendium of where today's photographers are taking the art of the erotic.

"The sex may involve a single person, a couple, or a group; it may show kissing, dancing, touching, or sexual intercourse; it may be graphic or muted, passionate, tender, or humorous.