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Ideal for Body Corporates, Property Investors, Landlords and Letting Agents.

To get started browse our Electricity Sub-Meters or Water Sub-Meters now, or call us for help to choose the best suited meters for your circumstances. A smart meter will be able to record not only how much energy was used, but also when it was used.Though Mia has a sweet disposition, don't let it fool you into thinking that she is a push over. Her nemesis is knitting, which she cannot accomplish for the life of her.Actually, Mia's wits and courage brings strength to the group. She is well skilled in karate and it's various forms, and is the muscle of the group as well as the super glue.Some of her favorite things to do are solving puzzles, reading, karate, writing in her notepad, going to the theater, horse back riding and cooking. Granny loves to eat soups on cold days and to drink her afternoon tea.This enables different electricity rates for different times of the day to encourage customers to regulate their own usage of electricity during peak times.There are basically two types of smart meters: “Time Of Use” meters and interval Meters.

He is a marvel when it comes to deduction, observation and reasoning.

Following in his great great great grandfather's footsteps, Maxwell Holmes just might be the greatest detective yet.

He is fourteen years of age and loves to solve challenging problems.

His favorite thing to do is going for long walks, thinking and spending time with family. Her favorite kinds of puzzles to solve are cryptograms.

His favorite food is meatloaf and he loves to read mysteries and conduct experiments. She is twelve years old and has a great personality. She sometimes gets into trouble or finds herself lost, but she is also a clever woman.

She is sometimes quiet but has a tremendous amount of confidence in herself and her abilities. She loves to write letters in different languages and loves to challenge herself mentally and physically.

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