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The fine is the first such penalty the FCC has dished out against a US cable …The website for Greater Manchester Police was targeted by two Distributed Denial of Service (DDo S) attacks yesterday, which rendered the site unavailable for more than two hours.

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Lizard Squad may be mostly behind bars, but their Lizard Stresser botnet has spawned more than 100 clones.According to Arbor Networks' Matthew Bing, the imitators have lit on the Internet of Things, enslaving thousands of dumb devices with code the hacker group published last year. Freelancer-finding site Fiverr has booted out users offering distributed denial of service attack for-hire groups for as low as US$5.Fiverr is a service that connects buyers with professionals like designers and developers, many of whom offer their services for not much more than the price of a beer. What kind of a grifter pretends he's going to DDo S you?The kind that easily makes off with a lot of cash, it seems."Hackers" who have been making empty DDo S threats while posing as the Armada Collective appear to have have moved on.No, they didn't stop scamming people, they just changed their modus operandi: they're now …

Lizard Squad has hit gaming firm Blizzard’s servers with a massive DDo S attack.

Blizzard's services were left intermittently unavailable as a result of the assault, the latest in a long line of hacking attacks against gaming firms by the notorious black hat hacking crew. The number of distributed denial of service attacks rose 149 percent in dying months of 2015 according to Akamai's networking wonks.

The latest figures in the State of the Internet Q4 2015 report (PDF) tracked some 3693 DDo S attacks during the final quarter finding 169 percent uptick in infrastructure attacks. The National Crime Agency (NCA) yesterday launched a campaign targeting "the UK's youngest cybercriminals", which – despite what was a genuine attempt to connect with both technically inclined youngsters and their Luddite parents – prompted ridicule and disbelief.

The campaign claims to be "aimed at educating the parents of 12 …

US broadband watchdog the FCC has fined Cox Communications $595,000 (£391,000, AU$832,000) after a Lizard Squad hacker swiped its customer records.

The FCC announced the punishment on Thursday, ending an investigation into the 2014 security breach.

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