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Posted by Nuffy in pics | 56 comments SEXY FACEBOOK GIRLS Facebook is full of hot girls, and they put their photos in public 🙂 We found some of them just for you… (Read below how to meet them) Maria Boas (BRASIL) Monique Cyr (CANADA) Sherry Livingstone (CANADA) Alejandra Fabiola (CHILE) Barbara Marevic (CROATIA) Fefora Dominik (CROATIA) Mateja Maljuga (CROATIA) Lene Olsen (DENMARK) Diana Komljenovic (CROATIA) Ann Oula (FINLAND) Chika Ota (JAPAN) Laila Abed (LEBANON) Fetima Mesfiui (MOROCCO) Kasia Pankiewicz (POLAND) Samantha Bellinou (S.As many of you that frequent this site know, I have been toying with the idea of making a page exposing Facebook for what it is.

Well, after a few days of emails voting back and forth on the subject, the tally is in.A whopping , we need a page that exposes Facebook as the dangerous government tool designed to con the American people into offering up all their private information freely.Facebook users now share who their friends and relatives, and yes, even their enemies are, as well as all their likes and dislikes willingly just as the powers that be craved as far back as the roaring twenties.Below are a collection of articles proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, you need to get all your information off of facebook immediately. But one can use Facebook without making it easy for everyone from criminals, to rogue governing officials to make life miserable for them. Only big government can maintain a server farm that large and then never charge its users for it!Judging by what they plan to do with that info, your profile as well as your friend list should be utterly blank as far as I can see. Still, right now, 200,000,000 Americans are on it!?After all, many of us can reach tens of thousands and even millions of people monthly without so much as a Facebook account already. That's two thirds of the population of this country!

What if you're all wrong and the few that are warning you are right about Facebook being used in a way only Christian prophecy can predict?

Three senior judges, led by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, warned Fraill she could be jailed for up to two years.

They found Sewart was also in contempt of court but said she would not be jailed as she has a three-year-old child.

Solicitor General Edward Garnier QC told the High Court her actions came despite repeated warnings by the judge that jurors must decide the case, involving eight defendants, solely on the evidence in court.

Accompanied by her husband, Fraill gasped, wept and appeared to pray during the hearing.

Her barrister Peter Wright QC said she was terrified at the prospect of prison and ‘distraught and inconsolable’.

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