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Even more, at each training planner the player receives suggestions on how to make it faster by adding additional learning skills or by changing the order of currently in-queue ones.

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Also it notifies the player about custom events using desktop tray balloons, sounds or even e-mails.EVEMon is a character manager for popular space MMO Eve Online.Made by Iceland publisher CCP, Eve online is a complex game, with a huge database of items, fittings, ships, modules, weapons and character skills.Here is where EVEMon comes to help the Eve player, making the character training and ships fitting a lot easier.From current character stats to ISK balance and fitting items, EVEMon have them all displayed in a friendly manner, allowing both experienced and beginner players of Eve to use it and to make their own fittings and training plans.In it contained the troubling news that cache scraping - something programs like Eve-Central, Eve Mon, and many other programs do - is now not only against the EULA, but 'has always been' against it.

Summary: CCP is being pants-on-head retarded again.

Not just pants on head retarded, no, this time they found some nylon pants, lit those pants on fire, then put the pants on their head, ran around bouncing off of walls a few times until the nylon melted onto their skull, then spent a bit picking the nylon out of their flesh and then later wondering where their face went, forgetting about the fire pants they placed on their head.

An interesting feature is also that it shows the skills while training on Logitech keyboards that have a small display screen ( like G15 ).

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Yesterday, CCP Stillman released a curious new dev blog.

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