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Isuzu is confident of the results its engine will produce, whether it is on an irrigation field, in a coal mine, providing backup power for a hospital, or even generating power in the Antarctic.It's no wonder we receive feedback from our customers that Isuzu engines are very dependable, durable, quiet and fuel efficient.

Making a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to ensure that our Distributor Network provides these high standards to all of our customers through continuous training, online support systems, and our team of highly trained service and business managers.We make certain our distributors receive committed service and support to assure you receive the same. How can We Offer a Transferable 5-Year, 5,000 Hour Limited Warranty?A product's warranty reflects the manufacturer's confidence in the quality of its product.Isuzu takes pride in the technical expertise of its engineers as they work to ensure the Isuzu product is the best it can be in the marketplace.C–Series Generator: 11.9 HP @1800 RPM (3CA1) Industrial Drive: 18.4 HP @ 3000 RPM (3CA1) Generator: 14.9 HP @1800 RPM (3CH1) Industrial Drive: 22 HP @ 3000 RPM (3CH1) Generator: 21.1 HP @1800 RPM (3CE1) Standard Features • U. EPA Tier 4 Final • Displacement: .99 L - 1.6 L • 2-year / 2,000-hour warranty 4L–Series Generator: 40 HP @ 1800 RPM - 66 HP @ 1800 RPM (T4F) Industrial Drive: 48 HP @ 2400 RPM - 62 HP @ 2400 RPM (T4F) Standard Features • U. EPA Tier 4 Final • Displacement: 2.2 L • 5-year / 5,000-hour warranty The Isuzu distributor network is second to none.The Distributors and Dealers are the Isuzu experts in the field.

Many of our locations can offer service anywhere, anytime onsite at your location or in the shop.

This network provides a plethora of services: Our network is here for you. If you are interested in viewing our complete American network, available as a PDF, choose the American Distribution link. Our Distributor Network is continuously trained by certified factory instructors.

Or, if service outside of North America is required, click on the Isuzu Global link. They receive both computer-based and hands-on training in classroom environments. The Isuzu network ensures support is also available to our distributors through our Technical Parts Hotline, our informational web site dedicated to technical details and manuals, the Isuzu Communication System (ICS), and by providing this group with continuously updated information.

Further, our Corporate office has technical experts onsite at all times.

So, wherever you are, chances are that help is only a stone's throw away (of course we prefer a phone call).

Isuzu Motors America, LLC believes relationships should continue long after the customer says "I will take it".

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