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Learning how to describe yourself accurately is something we usually have to put some effort into.This seems to be especially true in most western cultures where being honest about our skills, qualities, and attributes can be confused with being arrogant, "blowing your own trumpet," and being excessively self indulgent.

From my experience of delivering training programs and seminars on improving confidence and self esteem, whenever participants are asked to state just five of their best qualities, a hushed embarrassment usually fills the room. Conversely, we're all a lot better at listing our faults and failings and can get onto that task without any difficulty.Your lists really helped me find what I could not put into words! It is amazing how something as simple as the right use of adjectives can make a difference and add weight to a document like a resume or a project cover. It was also helpful for Me to share with My Children, to teach them how to relate to the facts of life, build their courage, self-esteem and find their true identity. I am able to describe myself in a work environment, I think simply because I am used to doing that.This is an excellent list that virtually applies to anyone and everyone. Again thank you very much and May God continue to inhance your Brain cells and bless your life so that you can also use your talent in service for Him. But trying to describe myself in a personal setting seems to me like boasting.I'm bookmarking this and sharing it with friends and followers. Princesswithapeni am to answer a question in my Graduates Memory book........ After reading this article and the posts I was able to begin my personal profile, which I have been trying to do for months.It's like most of us haven't even dared to think about the question, "What's good about me?" -- if that's you, then it's even more important that you read this Because we can all identify with 90% of these adjectives in some situation or other, I suggest picking 10 - 15 words that describe how you are of the time, regardless of the situation.

It might be helpful to think about who are you when you are on your own, doing your own thing.

There will be very few other people who will identify the exact same combination, because we're all different. Scroll down for list of 180 adjectives to help you describe yourself. How does it feel to identify your positive qualities? Put some practice into learning how to describe yourself and you will find an increase in self esteem and confidence and probably an improvement in your relationships too! but i don’t think that quixotic is a good and postive word to have.

Thanks for the interesting and informative article. It means “exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical”.

I often have trouble identifying my own positive traits, but as a life coach, I am always helping other's discover their own strengths. Namaste I once had a course at the University and the final exam was a conversation between the student and the tutor and the first question the tutor asked me is "Describe yourself in three words" That question shocked me a little bit at the beginning and I took some time to reply because I know myself very well but I don't know which words to use. If you remember Don Quixote, the word comes from the main character.

Knew it was a neat hub when I saw it, but wow, what a lot of comments (and some really great ones in the mix). Congratulations on your Hub of the Day award, and Happy New Year to you and yours! It's a tool for our younger wanting to start a job to make them think about who they think they are and how to best describe their own skills and dreams... Thanks, it is hard to discribe your self on a job application.

Something that I have never had to do and what words do you use? but i want some more strong and interesting answer .. Oh gosh o g oo me oo my wow I am so grateful that I was able to find this very helpful insight,honestly and truly it was very informative, inspirational and benificial to Me in many ways. I do not know how often you still review comments but I wanted to say thank you.

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