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KECOH menerusi forum-forum dan portal media hiburan tempatan hari ini apabila berita yang melaporkan perkahwinan Nazim Othman dan Bella Dally yang dikatakan sedang bergoyah.

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Now armed with their own music, they are easily one of the most popular indie music acts in the Singapore live gig circuit.

It seems that our roads are just not for Kancils, Rusa, or Jaguars!

NAMA Neelofa dan Fattah Amin memang tidak asing lagi dalam industri hiburan tempatan.

Selepas drama bersiri gandingan mereka iaitu Suri Hati Mr.

Dalam status Facebook yang kini telah pun dipadam, Robin menyatakan rasa terkejut dan kecewanya apabila mengetahui berita perkahwinan teman wanitanya melalui… Baru semalam aktor Datuk Hans Isaac mengumumkan bakal berkahwin dengan bekas Ratu Pelancongan Malaysia 2011, Aileen Gabriella Robinson atau Gabby.

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    However, Shruti's overprotective and aggressive brother overhears their telephone conversation and attacks the movie set to find out the identity of the guy who loves Shruti to no avail. From their honeymoon suite, they call Shruti's family for their love and acceptance.