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Her wise words and kind yet commanding tone throughout the book is beneficial to any twenty-something who is new to (or preparing to enter) the work force.

Sandberg's message is important, and one that will help shape the leadership and legacy of our generation.

To make it clear that she wasn't up for any funny business, Chris rolled her hair in Coke cans and went to bed, while the American boy sat on the floor of her room and played guitar, showing no signs of excusing himself.

When she woke up the next morning, the boy asked if he could play her a song he stayed up writing.

They went to her bathroom (for the good acoustics) and for the first time, none other than a young James Taylor played "Carolina On My Mind." Turns out, James was going through heroin withdrawal (which explains for the odd behavior) and his career took off a few months after that incident. Unless you've been sequestered from the internet (which I doubt, considering you're reading this now), you've surely heard of Nasty Gal, the uber-chic online clothing store.

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