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The backlash was swift and immediate and she was publicly ridiculed online and on television.She quickly took down the video and apologized, but the post had already been copied and re-posted elsewhere.

In 2010, a Duke University student created a very detailed Power Point presentation including names, pictures, and details of the men she had sex with at school.Social media is a great asset and can help to advance your career and goals but it can also hold you back.Close to 90% of hiring managers are looking at applicants’ social media history and making hiring decisions based on what they find.The images and words you post can reach a much larger community than just your friends.Material sent to a small group of close friends may find its way onto the Internet where it becomes public forever.What some may find acceptable may offend others and there can be very public consequences.

Below are some examples of how posts on social media have backfired, costing people their jobs and reputations.

You will also find suggestions for how to scrub your social media profile and avoid potential problems. What you say online has consequences; the First Amendment gives you the right to say most anything but it does not mean that you are free from the consequence for your speech.

In 2011, a UCLA student posted a racist rant in a You Tube video.

This document was only supposed to go to three friends but within a few days it was leaked to the internet.

The student not only embarrassed herself but also violated the privacy of the 13 people on the list.

Forever now future employers and others can view this information.

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