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Dating website crawler - Online sex

Web Content Extractor is a professional web data extraction software designed not only to perform the most of dull operations automatically, but also to greatly increase productivity and effectiveness of the web data scraping process. Whenever you need to extract some typical data from multiple web pages, Web Content Extractor is the ultimate solution.Web Content Extractor is highly accurate and efficient for extracting data from websites. Extract product pricing data, grab real estate data; parse Forex and stock market figures; extract book, song or movie information; gather news and articles on a certain topic; extract web content on hotels or car rentals in a given country; collect information from dating sites or job web-resources - this is merely a short list of Web Content Extractor possible applications.

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In addition to its immerse extracting power, the program also features wide exporting capabilities.You can save gathered data into a plain CSV or text file, export to HTML or XML, as well as to put the data right into a given database format using the built-in possibility to export information into MSSQL/My SQL script or directly into any ODBC-compatible destination.This allows you to apply the scraped data immediately - say, perform an in-depth analysis using spreadsheet application, create a summary report and upload it via FTP, or import the data into your own application or service's database.Web Content Extractor provides serious automation of the website scraping task.Usually, you only need to specify a basic extraction pattern (done in few clicks too) and run the extraction process.The program automatically scans the provided URLs and scrapes all the info that meets the specified template.

And command line options allow to set the program to work with any third-party scheduler. Yes, it determines elements on a page and the type of the data field suggesting the extraction results as a preview, but you can always make necessary changes or adjust the program's choice manually if needed.

The scope of Web Content Extractor application is wide not only due to its functions, but also thanks to advanced customization capabilities it offers.

Scraping data from websites is a common data gathering task.

Though covering hundreds of possible application spheres, this job is really a time consuming operation unless you have proper automation software to do this for you.

Indeed, hours long copy-pasting of various texts, images, and other data from HTML pages by hand can easily enrage even the most smooth-tempered person.

Not to mention low productivity of the manual scraping of web data.

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