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Dating rambler ru 2016 love site - Online sex

These emails have been reported by UGA faculty, staff and students who are alert to the dangers of scams and phishing attacks.Messages are listed by subject line and date reported. Just imagine your name in place of "User Name" and you will understand why we chose to make the switch.

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Every once in a while you will notice that the name of the sender has been changed in an example. Not because there have been no attacks, but because there have been far fewer.And it demonstrates that the bad guys know us far too well.Many of us were out of town for the 4th of July holiday, maybe using free wi-fi at a hotel, or on the road.That would mean we were using services and IP addresses that we don't normally use, right? This particular phishing attack is designed to take advantage of our over-the-long-weekend travels and trick us into giving up our a simple module to view the search engine queries used by your visitors. This module is similar to the Search keywords module, but much simpler/lighter (less code, less functions, no install/use of extra database table, no hook_exit() usage, no administration needed, ...).It parses the referer URLs of popular search engines in you access log and extracts the search queries. On the other hand, the the Search Engine Referers module depends on the core statistics module, while the Search keywords module has no dependencies. the proper spelling of this module is actually 'Search Engine Referrers', I know, but: Referer is a common misspelling of the word referrer.

It is so common, in fact, that it made it into the official specification of HTTP – the communication protocol of the World Wide Web – and has therefore become the standard industry spelling when discussing HTTP referers.

As part of our phishing awareness campaign, Fresh Phish features recent phishing attempts directed at the UGA campus.

Almost all of them have been repeats of familiar phish.

But as we start getting closer to Fall Semester, you can expect to hear more from us.

Over the long 4th of July weekend the phishers decided to resurrect one of the oldies.

It's short, it's direct and it's pretty obviously a phish.

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