Dating naval academy midshipmen

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Dating naval academy midshipmen - Sex Chat

109–163, § 515(b)(1)(S), substituted “Navy Reserve” for “Naval Reserve”. “(b) A midshipman who does not fulfill his agreement under subsection (a) may be transferred by the Secretary of the Navy to the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve in an appropriate enlisted grade or rating, and, notwithstanding section 651 of this title, may be ordered to active duty to serve in that grade or rating for such period of time as the Secretary prescribes but not for more than four years.” 1984—Subsec.

In this section, “commissioned service obligation”, with respect to an officer who is a graduate of the Academy, means the period beginning on the date of the officer’s appointment as a commissioned officer and ending on the sixth anniversary of such appointment or, at the discretion of the Secretary of Defense, any later date up to the eighth anniversary of such appointment. A midshipman or former midshipman who does not fulfill the terms of the agreement as specified under subsection (a), or the alternative obligation imposed under subsection (b), shall be subject to the repayment provisions of section 303a(e) of title 37. The words “Hereafter” and “appointed to the United States Naval Academy” are omitted as surplusage. The words “an agreement that * * * he will” are substituted for the words “articles * * * by which he shall engage”. The word “separated” is substituted for the words “discharged by competent authority”. The words “if tendered an appointment”, “upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy”, and “consecutive” are omitted as surplusage. The last sentence is substituted for the words “with the consent of his parents or guardian if he be a minor, and if any he have.” 2011—Subsec.

The words “if he is permitted to resign” are substituted for the words “in the event of the acceptance of his resignation”, since a resignation is effective only if accepted.

The first 43 words of clause (3) are substituted for 34 U.

That if an appointment described in paragraph (2) is not tendered or if the midshipman is permitted to resign as a regular officer before completion of the commissioned service obligation of the midshipman, the midshipman— That if an appointment described in paragraph (2) or (3) is tendered and the midshipman participates in a program under section 2121 of this title, the midshipman will fulfill any unserved obligation incurred under this section on active duty, regardless of the type of appointment held, upon completion of, and in addition to, any service obligation incurred under section 2123 of this title for participation in such program.

The Secretary of the Navy may transfer to the Navy Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve, and may order to active duty for such period of time as the Secretary prescribes (but not to exceed four years), a midshipman who breaches an agreement under subsection (a). 111–84 substituted “subsection (a)” for “section (a)”.

The period of time for which a midshipman is ordered to active duty under this paragraph may be determined without regard to section 651(a) of this title.

For the purposes of paragraph (1), a midshipman shall be considered to have breached an agreement under subsection (a) if the midshipman is separated from the Naval Academy under circumstances which the Secretary determines constitute a breach by the midshipman of the midshipman’s agreement to complete the course of instruction at the Naval Academy and accept an appointment as a commissioned officer upon graduation from the Naval Academy.

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