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Dating mr rain - Online sex

I had a date last week that I was pretty excited about with a doctor (Mr. He messaged me a few weeks ago with a sweet and funny introduction and we engaged in some back and forth flirting before he asked me out for drinks.He seemed cute, well-educated, was close with his family, and a bit older than me – all things that signaled smooth sailing ahead.

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Most dates I go on, there is something about them that I’m not completely sold on (like they are drinking in all of their pictures, or we don’t seem to have a lot in common) but I couldn’t find anything against Mr. While I was getting ready for my date a crazy thunderstorm rolled in bringing golfball sized hail and I briefly considered rescheduling.He proceeded to tell me that he had lied about where he lived and he does not in fact live 1.5 miles from me, but rather 1.5 HOURS!He has his own practice there and bought a house, so it’s not like he’s going to be moving anywhere anytime soon.Plus it’s way out in the country and not someplace I have ever desired to visit, let alone regularly travel to see my long-distance boyfriend. Did he think this would go over well and I would just ignore the fact that he is a liar? Why did he drive 90 miles on a weeknight for a drink with a stranger? The date has barely even started and already there are so many red flags I don’t know what to do.As you can imagine I have so many concerns about this right off. Why hasn’t he suggested another day when he will not be in a hurry to get back for work the next day? That’s when the second storm rolled through, making it look like a hurricane was moving through downtown.No first date, no matter how great the guy seems, is worth going out in hail and down-pouring rain for! Or I should have listened to Claire who suggested scrambled eggs for dinner while catching up on my DVR instead of dressing up and putting on my first date face.

But the rain cleared up and I walked into the wine bar to meet Mr. Now I don’t know what I was expecting, but right away he came across a little dopey.

He had kind of a goofy smile and looked disheveled. He dashed my hopes even further when he ordered a “Peanut Grigo” (pinot grigio) and told me he doesn’t know a lot about this kind of “fancy wine.” Listen, I am not a wine snob – any kind of wine is great with me, but when you are almost 40 years old and don’t know how to pronounce pinot grigio AND refer to your $4 glass of wine as fancy it’s kind of a red flag. Okay, this was not exactly what I had in mind, but he seemed sweet and had a great smile.

We made our way to a corner table with our “fancy wine” and he immediately said to me, “so I have a confession.” Uh oh, that’s never a good sign.

Seriously, a chair flew off the patio and hit a car in the street right in front of us!

It didn’t look like we would be leaving anytime soon, unfortunately.

For the next hour or so I think I may have had an out-of-body experience.

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