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London-based dance trio Years & Years officially began online.

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I think I just said it and everyone went, 'Oh alright.'" From their origin story, to their name, to even their fashion sense, Years & Years is decisively unstudied. [Laughs] What are each of your guy’s responsibilities within the band? It’s a welcome relief in an age of acts carefully curated by teams of advisors and publicists, devoid of any unique personality, or worse, performing perfection. That is actually my shower song: “Killing Me Softly.” M: Olly did come in quite early. The boys of Years & Years, on the other hand, aren't concerned with being obvious, and relish conflicting interpretations of their work. But I had already told Mickey that I wanted to be in the band. When asked about their dark video for their single “Real,” a stunning visual that begins with a chance encounter between Olly and 's Ben Whishaw in a seedy nightclub bathroom, Olly said, “I was just very happy that people are being like, ‘What the fuck is this video about? Legend has it Michael heard you singing in the shower. ’” Although their music might be classified as electronic, the boys of Years & Years aren't hiding behind their laptops. And I made a little video and put it up on the website, and you [to Emre] liked that. E: He was drunk four times in a row when I went [to meet him] and I was like, "Do I really want to hang out with this guy? To get a better feel for their sound, imagine a soul-influence Disclosure if Sam Smith was the permanent lead singer. [Laughs] E: We met online because he was looking for a guitarist.

Now officially signed to Polydor Records, the band is poised to usher in a new wave of synth-dance-pop. M: I was looking for a guitarist because that’s what you need in a band…

Check out what the band had to say about their failed ode to Jennifer Connelly, the making of their epic new music video, and their favorite You Tube comments. Michael: I’m from Australia so I didn’t know anyone.

E: Yeah, the beats and a lot of the non-bass stuff.

O: Well I think topically the music I come up with, it’s always a similar theme. Like “Jennifer Connelly.” You wrote a song about Jennifer Connelly? M: This is our elaborate plan to get Jennifer Connelly. M: I’ve been described as professionally nonchalant. [Laughs] M: I want to do a classical piece or something like that.

[Laughs] How has your music changed since those early days? I listen to a lot more electro and house music than I did as a teenager. That’s why we like writing in a studio with real hardware. M: There are some songs we’ve written that we couldn’t finish and now they don’t exist. I thought you were going to say because you’re in love with Jennifer Connelly. [Laughs] How would you guys describe yourselves as live performers? “If some girl did that on my date she’d have to pick up the tab.” Where do you guys see yourselves five years from now? And we’ve made our stamp on pop music history and then we’ll start doing weird shit. I think we’re all mostly excited by making an album and making work.

When we started we were much more “guys in a room, playing guitars and picking up instruments.” Then moving more towards electronic and Emre producing everything and then the sound just developed. love music that is quite sad, but musically quite up and dance-y. I think as you mature your tastes change and what you listen to changes. M: We want to try to do everything as live as possible. We didn’t want to end up being that laptop and karaoke kind of vibe. O: We produce a lot of stuff but sometimes I get stuck and I can’t finish a song. E: I think that’s why I wanted to join a band in the first place, because I was sick of doing things on my own. [Laughs] E: Not much concept other than a loose idea. I just asked if he wanted to be in the video and he was really up for it. He was so enthusiastic and had lots of ideas and was able to like tie everything together. [Laughs] O: Yeah the You Tube comments have been hilarious. ” M: Someone got upset how Tuppence [Middleton] is on her phone.

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