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Dating chinese girl - Adult Chat Rooms

Adding to my dilemma, I have a Chinese friend who tells me to expect this kind of behavior.

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Today, she suggested a very expensive place for New Year's Eve dinner.I politely and jokingly told her that she will have to contribute, if the place exceeds my budget. I wouldn't have made her pay on New Year's Eve, but this behavior shocked me.I have told her to consider what kind of guy she wants and whether I fit the criteria of hers.Maybe my salary is bigger, but I need to save for something (which actually is true).by Quinn (Malaysia) I am dating a Chinese girl in Malaysia.The problem is, she always expects me to take her to expensive places for dining.

Lately she suggests that I pay her bar bills (in a joking manner).

She always talks about money, although she herself comes from a well-off family.

I would stop seeing her outright, but she seems to be serious.

She introduces me to her best of friends and we hang out with them.

I was turned off by the fact that she went ahead to find out indirectly about my salary.

After finding out that it's more than double her own salary, her demanding pattern changed abruptly.

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