Dating a love shy man

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Dating a love shy man - Online sex

Trolls dispense life advice; life advice is ignored "Love-shyness" is a special term for social anxiety disorder, a massive victim complex, and possible hatred of all women.Gilmartin thought up a new term for their neurotic bullshit: Love-shyness.

And by a little, I mean Gilmartin dredged up old memories of how he had a shitty time at summer camp, how the jocks at his high school made fun of him, and how girls didn't like him and crammed that into his 700 page book crammed with rage and bitterness and ALL CAPS RAGE.Gilmartin suggested that none of the "Love-shies" problems were their fault: their virginity was caused by society, mom and dad, football, genetics, and astrology.Gilmartin wrote that the antidote to this problem was not: 1.) talking to other human beings and 2.) if talking to other human beings is hard, seek help from therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists, depending on how hardcore your anxiety is.Instead of a logical and sane path to not failing at life, Gilmartin suggested that football be outlawed because football teams were guerrilla training camps for bullies, that shy people should get helper animals like blind people, that sex selection by aborting male fetuses could help shy men cope with fatherhood by not having to raise boys, and that shy people should become militant activists and picket with signs that literally described them as cowards. "But wait, I identify with the stuff in Gilmartin's book! The book also suggests that you might smell bad, not have any friends, especially not any other guy friends, and will remain a sad, pathetic, adult virgin until you die by your own hand. "But wait, the Love-shy books/community is helping me with my issues! According to the book, it's a crippling fear about relationships, dating, and women in general.

Brian Gilmartin, who's a fucking idiot relegated to teaching college out in the sticks since his crazy book got him fired.

It is not recognized as a legitimate diagnosis by anyone except for Dr.

Although Social Anxiety Disorder, shyness, social phobias, depression, Asperger's syndrome, autism, and a whole slew of other non-imaginary psychological conditions are recognized and treatable, Dr.

This allows you to stay exactly the same as you are right now, only now you get attention and pity from strangers on the internet which makes up for the fact that real people don't like you. Brian Gilmartin interviewed 300 extremely shy men or adult virgins or something about their hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations.

You call yourself "Love-shy" so you don't have to take the risks that go along with forming relationships with other people, avoiding all possibility of rejection, because you're not even fucking trying to relate to other humans.

So, being "Love-shy" is an excuse for why you no human being wants to talk to you, let alone fuck you.

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