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[code barres quatre types de traits]the initial weight step for pricing purposes, i.e., up to 50 grams for Machineable Standard (STD); up to 100 grams for Machineable Oversize (OS) and Delivery Facility Presort (DFP); and up to 200 grams for Special Handling (SH) [poids de base]The Publications Mail agreement number (PM number) required for proof of payment and processing, including for the return of undeliverable Publications Mail items.

[renseignements d’identification de base]A person who enters a Business Reply Mail agreement and obtains the approval of Canada Post to distribute envelopes or cards that meet the requirements for Business Reply Mail service.

[amalgamation]The delivery of mail to a large steel box. Each unit also provides a larger compartment for parcel delivery as well as a mailbox for outgoing letters.

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[oblitration]The sender writes CARD FOR PICKUP in the Attention box of the shipping label or applies a Card for Pickup sticker to the item to ensure that Canada Post does not deliver the item.

Canada Post notifies the addressee that the item is to be picked up at the post office.

All COD item will be carded (no delivery to the door).

[contre remboursement (CR)]Delivery facilities that are equipped to accept, verify, and process commercial mailings.

Regulations made under Section 19 of the Canada Post Corporation Act are published in the Gazette.

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