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Much like leading a small business to success, “it sounds tragically unromantic, [but] you have to work at dating”.An entrepreneurial approach “helps you get through the tougher, more disappointing’s important to feel a sense of excitement and have positive energy around the process”.

Overcoming challenges is a key lesson to be taken from business.

It is also why Steinberg suggests applying entrepreneurial resolve, rationality and perseverance to our dating lives.

For business-ownership and romance to exist together, compatibility of character and lifestyle are hugely important.

Like hiring a new employee or finding a new partner, a new relationship should be with somebody sharing similar goals and be highly attuned to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

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    I like to tell people who are new to online dating that it’s a lot like meeting someone at a bar: You see the perfected image they want you to see, but it’s superficial, and you can’t judge the merits and compatibility of another person in either environment.

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