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Meet two women who get a wake-up call about the men they believe to be their soulmates.It Began on IM Dee-Dee responded to an invitation to chat online, and within weeks was in love with a New Yorker depending on her financial assistance to leave Nigeria. We’re both lonely.” “I’m in Love with the Idea of Him” Annette is sure she’s being scammed, but says she can’t stop loving a man who claims to be strapped for cash and stranded in Africa.Olyinka Sunmola is a Nigerian citizen who was running this fraud from South Africa.

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If you are sent photos of a new partner try the Google Images search tool to research if the photo is real or has been used around the web before and learn more about ways to avoid becoming a romance scam victim.

A woman receives an intriguing e-mail message with a handsome photo attached.

A photo was identified on the Scamming Scammers Facebook page showing an innocent looking image of a US soldier with his daughter balanced on his knee, now being used to ‘romance’ others online.

Use this technique to check how widely this image is being used online: The genuine soldier photographed has his nametape displayed prominently in the image which limits the uses it can be put too but many other images of serving soldiers are being used in this way to appeal to those looking for love online.

Soon, she’s falling for a man who tells her he loves her, but is stuck in Africa and needs money.