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But the AIDS Healthcare Foundation said it would not be backing down.

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Just blocks away from the Tinder headquarters in Los Angeles, a large pink and purple billboard encapsulates much of what critics don’t like about the dating app. The billboard is part of a campaign from the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which posted its warnings about Internet hookups and venereal disease in more than 50 spots around the city last week.

The Lovebug package comes with dating advice to attract a wider pool of respondents, and generates more leads.

The most expensive option is Casanova, which also comes with a 10-minute pep talk before a first date. The majority of this cash is spend on the ads themsleves but Lovebook makes a small profit on each campaign.

But Grindr argued that it’s already doing just that. “As one of the world’s largest gay platforms, we take this issue very seriously,” Grindr told the Times.