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It may have been derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph. THE ACTIAN ERA dates from the victory of Caesar over Antony at Actium in B. If the result is less than zero, determine the date before the common era (BC or BCE) by subtracting the date on the coin from the era start year and then adding one.For example: L = year 19The dates above may not be "proper" Greek. The city of Antioch, however, reckoned the commencement of the era from the autumn of the preceding year, B. If the era started in the common era (AD or CE), add the start year to the date and then subtract one to determine the common era date.The elevated elliptical structure made of glass offers a glance of the star studded sky and an illuminated city while one enjoys the dance moves.

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Film lovers will have much reason to celebrate as Cinépolis will bring 3D movies to life at Ludhiana with the world’s most popular 3D technology – Real D 3D.

Also, keeping in mind the food loving nature of Ludhiana, it will have a variety of freshly prepared gourmet food at its in-house coffee shop called ‘Coffee tree’.

The events that were the origin of many local eras are unknown.

Sometimes the exact year from which an era started is also uncertain.

They are dates as actually written on Roman provincial coins minted in Alexandria and other cities. 64-63 he had his head quarters in Damascus and spent some months in organizing the affairs of Syria and reducing it to the condition of a Roman province. Letters of the Greek alphabet such as Α-Ν, standing for the months of the lunar year on the Athenian coins.