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In the Hawaiian language, “holoholo” means to go for a leisurely walk or ride.

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When the original mill could no longer keep pace with sugar’s rapid expansion, a new mill was built on this site in 1841.

Beneath a low canopy of monkeypod trees, Koloa’s old plantation-style buildings have been restored into boutiques and eateries, making for a charming shopping center brimming with history.

Holo Holo Koloa Scenic Byway highlights two dozen points of archeological, historical and cultural interest, including ancient Hawaiian temples of worship, the birthplace of Hawaii’s transformative sugarcane industry and a geologic phenomena called an ocean blowhole that shoots a stream of seawater up to 60 feet skyward before gravity pulls it back down again.

All these features and more are contained in a small, colorful radius, decorated by plantation-style cottages and sandy, pristine beaches.

He later became an ordained minister at The Church at Koloa. It was recorded in the Missionary Herald of 1860 that the church, which stands on high ground, could be seen far out at sea, serving as a navigation landmark used by ships coming to port.