Dating and emotionally unavailable men

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If he’s not showing up and you’re putting up with it, it’s not his fault. You can’t expect him to value you like a girlfriend if you don’t insist on being treated like a proper girlfriend. I feel that all the posturing and self abnegation involved in thinking like a man and “being a challenge” has conditioned me to want men less and less to the point where I won’t even go out with anyone. Aside from the long term male friendships I have, I’ve never been so thoroughly turned off by the idea of a man’s company. Maybe it’s just a phase, but I’m curious to know if this is an extreme felt by any other women on here.

A soul mate must be willing and available to have a relationship with you.

Who he or she was previously with reveals volumes about their capacity for intimacy now. This person would never be that way with me.” I don’t care how mightily someone blames the blood curdling horrors of an ex for a relationship’s demise; this person played a role too.

Being able to admit that or trying to understand the reasons for making such a terrible choice is a positive sign. To find true love, you want to avoid getting involved with anyone who can’t reciprocate your affections.

You can fall for someone who is totally wrong for you, as unfair and confounding as that reality can be.