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Celeste plans to depart once she discovers the truth, but is put in a quandary by Jessie, who says it will devastate her father, for whom Celeste has now developed feelings.

After Jessie argues with her dad, she runs away and is nearly hit by a car, but is saved by Celeste's powers.

This reveals to Steven that Celeste is indeed an alien and that she has fallen in love with him and accepted Jessie as her own daughter.

When the leaders of Celeste's home world report in, they ask her to destroy the planet Earth until Steven and she manage to convince them it was not an act of aggression, but an accident.

The wife of a former Ottawa RCMP counterterrorism officer found guilty in the severe, long-term abuse of his 11-year-old son four years ago has been sentenced to three years for her role in the mistreatment of her stepson.