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You don’t have to look hard to see evidence of political polarization — just watch cable news, listen to talk radio or follow social-media debates.Indeed, a new Pew Research Center report finds that Americans are more ideologically polarized today than they’ve been in at least two decades.

With Democrats and Republicans more ideologically separated than ever before, compromises have become scarcer and more difficult to achieve, contributing to the current Congress’ inability to get much of consequence done.But going beyond anecdotal evidence to examine congressional polarization more rigorously can be tricky.Fortunately, political scientists Keith Poole and Howard Rosenthal have developed a widely accepted metric, DW-NOMINATE, that places every senator and representative on the same set of ideological scales.Using their data, it’s clear that the congressional parties, after decades of relatively little polarization, began pulling apart in the mid-1970s.Today, they say, “Congress is now more polarized than at any time since the end of Reconstruction.” The researchers aggregated roll call votes to locate each member of Congress, from 1789 to the present day, on a two-dimensional grid.A valuable index for researchers interested in European works that relate to the Americas. Reports back to 1754, constitutions for every country in the world, classic books from the 18th & 19th centuries, all United States Treaties, the Federal Register and CFR from inception Each topic features a Guide to Critical Analysis which helps the reader evaluate the controversy and enhances students’ ability to read critically, develop their own perspective on the issues, and write or debate an effective argument on the topic.

EBSCO Publishing, in cooperation with the John Carter Brown Library, has created this resource from “European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750,” the authoritative bibliography that is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide.

The database contains more than 32,000 entries and is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750.

Most comprehensive geoscience literature of the world including millions of references to geoscience maps, serial, and non-serial literature.

One dimension represents the traditional liberal-conservative spectrum; the second picks up regional issue differences, such as the split between Northern and Southern Democrats over civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s.

As Poole and Rosenthal note, those formerly significant regional distinctions have declined in importance — or, more precisely, merged into the overall liberal-conservative divide: “ We took the vote scores for every senator and representative in five Congresses, one in each of the past five decades, and ordered them from most liberal (scores of -1 to 0) to most conservative (0 to +1).

Then we sorted them by party to see how much overlap — if any — there was between Democrats and Republicans (for simplicity, we excluded the handful of independents). In the House, 240 members scored in between the most conservative Democrat (John Rarick of Louisiana) and the most liberal Republican (Charles Whalen of Ohio); 29 senators scored between New Jersey’s Clifford Case (most liberal Republican) and James Allen of Alabama (most conservative Democrat).

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