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To put a finer point on it, stupidity doesn't just prevail. In fact, you might say, by and large, stupidity prevails.

Lifestyle footage of impossibly thin and beautiful young hipsters doing things young hipsters do. More recently, their rich, smoky flavor has endeared them to American taste buds and these exotic hearty mushrooms can now be found in supermarket shelves across the U. While often thought of as a vegetable and prepared like one, mushrooms are actually a fungus, a special type of living organism that has no roots, leaves, flowers or seeds.Health Benefits; Invigorate Your Immune System Recent studies have traced shiitakes' legendary benefits to an active compound contained in these mushrooms called lentinan.Among lentinan's healing benefits is its ability to power up the immune system, strengthening its ability to fight infection and disease.Against influenza and other viruses, lentinan has been shown to be even more effective than prescription drugs; it even improves the immune status of individuals infected with HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS.Promote Optimal Health Lentinan, which is technically classified as a polysaccharide and referred to as a branched beta-glucan, has also been shown to have anti-cancer activity.

When lentinan was given for human gastric cancer, reticular fibers developed in tumor sites.

Reticular cells, which are spread throughout the body in various tissues, are immune cells that have the ability to ingest (phagocytose) bacteria, particulate matter, and worn out or cancerous cells.

They dance with jack-o-lantern smiles on their faces.

Here's what the VO and title cards say in this monstrosity."Don't go unnoticed.

We are Miracle Whip and we will not tone it down."The dumbest thing I've seen in a long time.

Long a symbol of longevity in Asia because of their health-promoting properties, shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally by the Chinese for more than 6,000 years. Like other mushrooms, these specialty mushrooms are as mysteriously unique as they are delicious.

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    Posted on November 09, 2009 by Fiesta Fan Have you ever sorted through your cabinet of Fiestaware and wonder: "How old is this Fiestaware? How can I tell if my Fiestaware is old or vintage Fiestaware?

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    While most other farming games will focus primarily on getting your crops and setting up the land, this game takes a different approach.