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Chris is certainly making the rounds with the ladies, from Jamie Otis, Blakeley Shea Jones, and now Sara Newlon. Rachel is a sweetheart and I just hope she does not get hurt.

But hold on to your hats, because as of now, it appears he is seeing Rachel Truehart. Rachel seemed really taken with Michael Stagliano but we know she finishes the Bachelor Pad Season with Nick Peterson.

a) Carol Ann Petersb) Carol Ann Duffyc) Carol Ann Mooneyd) Carol Thatcher14 Which Carol won the fifth UK series of I'm a Celebrity? a) Good King Wenceslasb) The First Noelc) Hark the Herald Angels Singd) God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen ROUND 4 - CHRISTMAS DAY 16 Which Australian city was devastated by Cyclone Tracy on 25 December, 1974?

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a) Carol Shieldsb) Carol Shawc) Carol Reedd) Carol Thatcher12 Which Carol hosted the TV coverage of the world chess championship match between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short, won Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, and has a third-class degree in engineering from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge?

a) Carol Smillieb) Carol Vordermanc) Carol Clevelandd) Carol Thatcher13 Which Carol failed to get the job of Poet Laureate in 1999? a) Carol Vordermanb) Carol Smilliec) Carol Clevelandd) Carol Thatcher15 'Between an ox stall and an ass/This child truly there born he was.' Two lines from a less well known verse from which carol?

Claims of suicide, then murder, then medical accident cover-ups – the stories go on and on. Raised in foster care, the gorgeous sex symbol was known for seeking attention and affection from the most rich and famous.

And the truth is, there are still speculations about the story behind this famous beauty queen’s death. Her several failed marriages to popular names like baseball player Joe Dimagio and playwright Arthur Miller gave insight to the personal struggles Monroe faced.

But one thing is for sure: she had a history of overdose and use of barbiturates. On the screen and Playboy cover she was an American beauty.

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    The album was recorded in Mexico City and Los Angeles during 2009 and was completed in early 2011.

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    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences this year has decided to award with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry a scientific feat which is less a direct improvement of our material living standards, but more a means of widening and deepening our knowledge in different scientific fields.

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    Outgoing introverts sometimes process experiences through their brain's "reward" centers quite differently than other people.