Chat examples humiliation

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Chat examples humiliation - Online sex

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Text messaging has become a huge part of life in the 21st century.Below, I gathered 9 of the most embarrassing text messages I could find to show you how big this problem really can be: (SOURCE) This conversation that was submitted to Gawker is a classic example of what can go wrong even if all your words come out the way you intended.Essentially, do yourself a favor and check who you’re talking to before pressing send!Even if you didn’t have a shot with this girl, she probably has friends who won’ even look at you after this debacle.(SOURCE) This one, and many of the rest come from the kingpins of the embarrassing text message world at Damn You We all know that the built-in dictionaries on our phones don’t have many of the words we use while texting.

This can cause problems because their suggestions can drastically distort what the sender meant to say.

Drastically, as in the exact opposite of what Ashley meant to say above!

Unfortunately, embarrassing mistakes in these messages are also becoming more and more widespread.

Though text messages colloquially refer to messages sent via Short Message Service, or SMS, on cell phones, they can actually refer to any type of message made up of text.

Especially with today’s new phones which are used almost like computers, people now compose emails or Facebook posts via text, and embarrassing mistakes are longer limited to just SMS.

Honestly, as this problem becomes more and more widespread, the use of apps that offer free video messaging could skyrocket because it’s much more difficult to grossly misinterpret someone talking!

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