Carrie underwood and tony romo dating

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Carrie underwood and tony romo dating - Free Online

Apparently, Carrie Underwood learned quickly to keep her private life .There are rumors that during 2008 she dated Travis Stork, ER doctor and ABC’s Bachelor .

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After a performance in 2008, Carrie was introduced to Mike Fisher, who had played ice hockey for the Ottawa Senators since 1999.After winning American Idol, she graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University in Tehlaquah, Oklahoma in 2006 with a degree in mass communication. During college she had a long time relationship with Drake Clark.After winning American Idol, Dallas Cowboy’s Tony Romo became Carrie Underwood boyfriend for about six months.In 2007, she began dating Chase Crawford from Chase was the Carrie Underwood boyfriend for two years before they broke up via text messaging.There is still some discussion about who initiated the break-up.Underwood is a sports fan and Fisher’s career created a mutual interest for them.

Love grew for over a year and in December, 2009, they became engaged.

Very little can be said about their courtship because this couple had been dating for over a year and were engaged for almost two months before appearing in public together in January, 2010. Fisher are now planning their dream home on 400 acres in Nashville, TN.

The public met and fell in love with Carrie Underwood in 2005.

She became a favorite with her fresh American looks and dynamic voice.

Before auditioning for American Idol, Underwood sang in her home church, for local events, and to her cows on her family’s Oklahoma farm.

She had been offered a contract by Capitol Records at the age of 14, but the offer was retracted when the company was sold.

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