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By MONICA BYERS LONDON – I admit I am biased, having resided in two different flats near Hoxton Square during my London years.Having duly disclosed this, I still say that this setting is, to me, one of the reasons why London is so fab.

Nowadays, it’s a stone’s throw from what’s been dubbed the “Silicon Roundabout” – home to loads of tech startups and the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley in the US. This years predictions could be simplified to what categories Hamilton won’t win! Digg’s performance is so charming, impressive and iconic it would be a crime not to give it to him.I’m going to go out on a limb and say they have not a hope in any of the play categories, but only because they weren’t nominated. I can count on one hand the number of mid-show standing ovations I’ve given and Ms. Brandon Victor Dixon, Every so often you get to see one of these types of shows, a show that tips over from entertainment to actual Art.I will admit that in a post-Hamilton fit of ennui the remaining shows of the season were not particularly inspiring but I made a good faith effort to see some of the more interesting options. Yes, yes, yes, I know all theater is art but this is serious, with a capital ‘A,’ Art!Hoxton Square is also home to the eastern outpost of the White Cube Gallery if you are inclined to get your culture on.Nearby, there are quite a few eclectic shops (including Sh!

Women’s Erotic Emporium, where a man cannot enter unless accompanied by a female companion) and Circus Space, where one can actually earn a degree in Circus Arts. The rather whimsical map below may provide some insight into the square’s vibe – I especially like “Restaurant With An Identity Crisis.” Hoxton Square is in London’s East End – north of the City of London (the square mile traditional financial district), in an area that is significantly less overrun with tourists than the more famous West End and Covent Garden.

The nearest Tube is Old Street (Northern Line) and the 55 and 243 buses practically drop you into the square.

Hoxton Square is a lovely green, tree-filled oasis from the concrete and litter of East London.

It’s not as Bohemian as it once was (£1M flats have a way of changing the neighborhood), but it’s still a mecca for the young, the trendy and – on the weekends – the fashionably drunken.

It’s also a lovely place to put down a blanket on a sunny (well, sunny for London) afternoon and enjoy a picnic. Come here without agenda – just hang out and enjoy the vibe.

On weekend evenings, the local council used to bring in outdoor urinals for the male half of the considerable crowd of merrymakers….. The square is absolutely surrounded by restaurants and some very cool bars.

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