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The dreamy, shadowy subject matter, coupled with their late-night recording sessions, helped inform the title of the album.

"I think lyrically we couldn't help but go to a contemplative place with everything we'd gone through," GREY explains.

Sometimes it would be something as simple as changing my bass rhythm or adding a guitar part that would inspire other things." Adds HAILEY, "She gave me the confidence to tap into the more aggressive sound that I'm attracted to." To capture a live, massive drum sound--something that was missing from Common Reaction, and the organic element needed to compliment NOCTURNES' opulent, harmonic synths and vocals--drummer Josh Kane tracked his performances in Henson's A room on the same kit John Bonham used during the recording of "When The Levee Breaks." The results, especially on songs like "Wake To Sleep," "Criminal" and "Same High," typify the combination of beauty and aggression that UH HUH HER have harnessed on NOCTURNES, both lyrically and musically.

"You are so careless with the kingdom, you always throw away the great ones," GREY sings on the opening "Marstorm," a synth-heavy cut that sets the record's unapologetic tone.

We had something to prove to ourselves." Determined to move at their own pace and regain control of their art, GREY and HAILEY tapped into old influences.