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Last week’s episode was a non-elimination leg with Edwin & Monica finishing last, but Marked for Elimination with a 30 minute penalty staring them in the face if they didn’t finish in first. Ten teams remain after everyone left Singapore and went to Manila. In their cab, Rovilson slaps Marc with their money. Brett says he and Kinar will be willing to do anything to win. Perhaps if they advance and the numbers of teams get reduced, we’ll see it, but thus far, they’ve been devoid of personality.

Marc said he would support Rovilson and Rovilson, in turn, said he would support Marc. Ann & Diane notice that Marc is pictured on their map.They both want to finish higher and look for better synergy among each other. Because the first Green Star bus doesn’t leave right away, this allows Rovilson & Marc to catch up and they get on much to the dismay of the sisters.But Rovilson recruits the sisters to get the driver to leave before the customary 15 minute wait. Of course, then Rovilson & Marc turn around and say “it’s amazing what pretty girls can get away with in this country.” Who’s idea was it to use sex as a weapon? So with the first bus gone, Brett & Kinar and Ann & Diane get on the second Green Star bus to Pila Laguna.Rovilson & Marc knowing the territory are aware that the buses leave 15 minutes apart and they note it will be difficult for the other teams to convince their drivers to depart before then.Apparently Marc Nelson is quite the male model in the Philippines. As we cut back to Rovilson & Marc, they note how much they want to finish first in their home country.They did not do this in the last leg, so we’ll see how successful they will be in this leg.

Former roommates Sophie & Aurelia leave the pit stop in 5th.

Sophie says she and Aurelia have to make better decisions, but they did finish in the top half of the pack.

Dancing moms Ann & Diane leave next saying they don’t mind finishing in the middle of the pack, but at the same time, their goal is to win this leg. This is just painful to watch them try to be cutups. As the moms finally get a cab, dating couple Brett & Kinar leave the pit stop, money in hand.

So true and perhaps some foreshadowing on the producer’s part.

Pam says even though they left first, they cannot believe they’re on top because things can change quickly.

As Vanessa & Pam ride to catch their bus, they said there are a lot of good teams so it makes them want to push harder.

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