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Ryan got orders to move to another base almost three hours away, so we cancelled our house hunt and started brainstorming on our options.At that time, Donn was still living with my mom and getting ready to move out, which was going to leave my mom physically, emotionally, and financially alone in the large house.

I want to be the best mom that I can be for him, and with every decision I make, I have him in mind.I want him to be proud of me and know how much I love him.I want to have a strong marriage with Ryan and continue to build on our relationship to give Troy a good, stable household filled with love.Having Troy has allowed me to feel more empathetic for my mom and how amazing she is as a mother.Brianna Haag, SF Marketing Manager, Eventbrite This interactive session will cover technology trends in the events industry, including hot topics like mobile innovations, RFID, and big data.We'll also share nonprofit-specific tools and a case study to bring these examples to life.

After attending this session, you'll walk away with practical recommendations you can apply immediately to improve, streamline, and enhance your next event.

Troy has opened my eyes to a whole new kind of love that I couldn't have imagined.

Throughout my life she has always put my brother and myself first and was always focused on our happiness.

If I'm half as good of a mom as she is, then I'll have done something right.

The decision to move into my mom's house was not an easy one to make.

While I was pregnant, Ryan and I were house hunting and put a few offers on homes nearby and came very close to purchasing a home for our family.

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