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if want other background on more of 10 that is already present on this template after buying please contact me and i will insert your personal background for free You can combine this template with my splash page.. You can combine this template with my second splash page.. For installation request, send a privat message containing the credentials for FTP and for the Dolphin administration area.

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As you know we don't provide a bunch a of design templates with Dolphin anymore.

Surely, community sites, social networks and dating sites should have their unique designs, though. We probably will never do it and this position is strengthening to the point that I would argue that anyone who provides community software with lots of templates is diluting quiality of their product and selling "packaging" that you don't need. Here's why: The main reason for using a non-standard template for your dating or social networking site is to make it look special, unique, different.

It will give an awesome look so your users can enjoy it even more.

The layout is adaptable, which means that you will be able to easily configure it per your needs and group.

We believe that this is as good as it gets - a secondary market that offers you real choice without messing with development process of the software.