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Before installing a major new OS version it can be a good time to clear out unused apps, verify disk integrity, and clear up some free disk space.

I wasn’t aware of this until I received an email from Scott Becker from i Bank software, but it looks as though Quicken for Mac users will need to export their data before you upgrade to the latest Mac OS (Lion).

The release of OS X Mountain Lion is just around the corner (it’s official: July 25), but before jumping into the latest major Mac system update, you’ll want to do a few things.

before updating to lion-53

That can be frustrating, but it’s the price of progress.

Remember that you’ll need at least 12GB of storage space available to install Mountain Lion, but realistically you should have more than that available to insure your Mac runs best anyway.

Smaller developers tend to do this faster than larger software companies, so if you’re waiting for a large company it may take a long time.

This is probably the most important step when upgrading any OS and a Mac is no different.

Remember, if you bought a new Mac recently, Mountain Lion is free for you.