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For project work a dissertation is submitted by the student to be examined by external examiners.

There are written and oral Comprehensive examinations also.

Attending class in Faculty or in Farm is studentss Office is also important. on genune medical ground will require submission of application in time in proper form with evidences.

The Undergraduate Education in the University is coordinated by Deans of the respective Faculties, while the Post-Graduate Education is coordinated by Dean, Post¬Graduate Studies with the assistance of Examination Section under the Registrar.

The Post Graduate academic programmes are, however, held in the respective Faculties, the facilities being provided by the Dean of Faculty concerned and more specifically by Heads of the Departments.

The achievement of this Viswavidyalaya in providing best quality education to number of students in Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering during the period under review is summarized. Over a period of time Viswavidyalaya is in the process of switching over to modem system of education and evaluation as is being followed in premier institutions in the country and abroad keeping parity with All-India pattern.

The three Under-Graduate courses each of four-year or eight-term duration offering degrees like B. Course and Credit System of education at all the levels of Under Graduates, Post-Graduates and Doctoral Degree Programme has been introduced successfully.

On referring to our previous records it is also stated that this University took for all purpose, a score of 65% and above, under the system of grade point marking, as euivalent to first class under traditional system.